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Test Your Implementation

As you test your application with the implemented comScore library internally, comScore servers will collect the analytics data via HTTP requests. For immediate testing, you can use any tool you would normally use to look at HTTP traffic coming from your application. As long as your chosen tool can show you the query string parameters it will be sufficient for testing your comScore library implementation. Some often used tools are HTTP proxies like Charles Proxy and Fiddler.

Configure Your Test Environment
These instructions are generic and also apply to other tools commonly used to review HTTP traffic from (mobile) devices.

  1. Setup your tool of choice to be able to review HTTP traffic from your device.
  2. Setup your device so its HTTP traffic can be reviewed by your chosen tool.
  3.   To make it easier to review the collected data, configure your chosen tool to filter HTTP traffic; use hostname for HTTP traffic or hostname for HTTPS traffic, depending on your environment.         

If you see an HTTP request going to this hostname when you cold start the application this means the comScore library is sending measurement data.

How to Review Your Collected Data
The collected data will be present on the URL of the HTTP requests going to comScore’s servers as query string parameters. There are a number of key query string parameters you can check to confirm the application is tagged correctly:

Execute a Simple Test Scenario
Please execute the following simple test scenario to confirm application cold starts and foreground duration are collected
1. Cold start the application.
▪ An HTTP request to comScore’s servers should appear. Please check the value of parameter ns_ap_dft which
should have a low value (usually well below 300).
▪ Keep the application in the foreground for 15 seconds.
2. Return to the device / operating system’s home screen, i.e., on an iOS device press the home button.
▪ Wait for 30 seconds.
3. Bring the application to the foreground
▪ Keep the application in the foreground for 45 seconds.
4. Return to the device / operating system’s home screen.
▪ Wait for 20 seconds.
5. Terminate the application while it is in the background.
6. Wait 50 seconds.
7. Cold start the application again.
▪ An HTTP request to comScore’s servers should appear. Please check the value of parameter ns_ap_dft which should be close to 60000 if you've followed the timings in this scenario.

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