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Migrating an Existing Implementation-iOS

These steps apply to implementations which are migrating from comScore library version 2.x or 3.x(13).

1. Remove the existingcomscorefolder from theApplication Project.

2. RemovelibcomScore.afrom theBuild Phasespanel of your project target options.

3. IfLibrary Search Pathsin theBuild Settingspanel of your project target options is still pointing to the old comScore library location, then remove that location.

4. Add theComScore.frameworkto your project as per the instructions in Include the Library in Your Application Project.

5. Replace occurrences of #import "CScomScore.h",#import "CSStreamSense.h"and#import "CSStreamingTag.h"with#import <ComScore/ ComScore.h>.

6. Locate the existing library configuration code statements. Typically the following configuration code statements would appear in an existing comScore library implementation:

7. Replace existing library configuration statements, migrating the settings to be provided to the new API. Migrating the configuration code statements shown above would result in the following:

8. Replace occurrences ofintoand modify method calls to account for changes in naming(14):


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