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Android Implementation Quick Start

This section contains abridged instructions for experienced users to implement comScore library version 5.2.0 and newer.

1. Confirm you have taken care of all the preparation items.
2. Include the comScore library in your project.
   a) Include the comscore.aar library file in your project either automatically from comScore's Maven repository via Gradle or manually if you cannot (or do not want to) use       the Maven repository.   
3. Configure and start the library.
   a) Provide your publisher configuration settings:
       11. PublisherConfiguration myPublisherConfig = new PublisherConfiguration.Builder()
       12. publisherId( "1234567" ) // Provide your Publisher ID.
       13. publisherSecret( "9c455c81a801d3832a2cd281843dff30" ) // Provide your Publishe Secret.
       14. build();
       15. Analytics.getConfiguration().addClient( myPublisherConfig );
  b) Start the library:
      16. Analytics.start( context ); // Provide a reference to the (application) context.
4. If your application is targeted to be used on devices with Android versions below 4.0.0 (i.e., API level 13 or lower) then tag the application life cycle by adding calls to Analytics.notifyEnterForeground() and Analytics.notifyExitForeground() in all Activities of your application(1)
5. If your application can provide a user experience – like the playback of music or video – while the application is in the background, then tag the application user experience by adding calls to Analytics.notifyUxActive() and Analytics.notifyUxInactive()
6. Tag application section changes as needed
Please note that this step is entirely optional. You only need to tag application section changes if you want metrics to be reportable per
section of your application.

After successfully following these steps you will have implemented the comScore library. Please refer to Test Your Implementation for instructions on testing the implementation.



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