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comScore Library

The comScore library provides (Mobile) Audience Measurement. It is designed to accurately capture and report on usage measurements for applications across all popular platforms from which comScore reports reach and launches. The data collected through this method will be reported in comScore Direct and syndicated ranking reports.
Additionally, the library also provides instrumentation necessary for mobile in-application ad viewability when an ad campaign with a comScore vCE tag is applied on the creative ad unit and the application is running on a device with Android 4.0.3 (API level 15) or higher. This applies to the implementation of comScore library version 5.2.0 and newer.

Intended Use
These instructions and the accompanying comScore library are intended to be used with Android applications that are developed in native Java code. If your application is developed in another programming language then please contact your comScore account team to ask for guidance.

Please complete the following checklist before adding the comScore library to your application project:
1. Familiarize yourself with the tagging instructions in this document.
2. If you are updating an existing comScore library implementation, then please refer to "Migrating an Existing Implementation" to see if there are any relevant steps                 mentioned for your situation.
3. Confirm your comScore Publisher ID and Publisher Secret.
    ▪ The Publisher ID — also known as the Client ID or c2 value — is a number with at least 7 digits, provided by comScore.                
    ▪ The Publisher Secret is a text string which is unique to your Publisher ID and the same for all  your applications. It is used to obfuscate an anonymous identifier when             analytics data is sent  to comScore servers. This anonymous identifier is generated by the comScore library and persistent only between applications from the same               publisher. This is required for security, and to protect the privacy of your application’s users.                             
4. If you want to manually include the comScore library in your application project - instead of via comScore's Maven repository - then confirm you have a version 5.x library,      which is part of the comScore SDK for Android applications.      
5. To capture User Consent — please refer to Collecting User Consent for more detail on this — first complete the implementation by following the tagging             instructions before executing the additional implementation steps.               


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