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Ad Networks Overview

Please note that Ad Networks tag is only available for clients that have subscriptions to other comScore products. If you are interested in subscribing to other products, please contact our Sales Team.

comScore Media Metrix Ad Networks reporting concentrates solely on the measurement of top advertising networks. This service delivers the industry source for in-depth measurement, evaluating the reach of ad networks and their channels. Agencies, advertisers, and publishers use these metrics to gauge the performance of these networks, optimize ad spending and assess possible partnerships.

Ad Networks Unified Data Collection
comScore has deployed a tagging initiative based on feedback from the market to simplify the existing processes for classification along with the desire for a higher level of integration with Ad Networks. This will also allow for a single method of data exchange between the online stakeholders and comScore to provide the breadth of reporting capabilities meeting the exact specifications set forth by the stakeholder.

Benefits of tagging
▪ A Single Tagging Effort: The tagging method proposed incorporates all of the tagging needs for syndicated reporting of Ad Networks, to a data exchange environment for ad effectiveness capabilities.

▪ Ease of Ad Network Classification: By implementing the comScore tag, the burden of managing hundreds or thousands of site URLs for classification and reporting purposes on a monthly basis is removed. comScore has simplified this process by allowing the Ad Network to place a channel/category id into the tag itself. Reporting metrics will be allocated according Ad Networks reportable hierarchy.

▪ Access to Campaign Level Reports: This implementation method will allow Ad Networks to consolidate their campaign tagging efforts and immediately realize the benefits of comScore Campaign Essentials and Action Lift offerings. These reports provide a snapshot of how effective the marketing efforts were in reaching the intended targets and measure the post exposure impact of the campaign. These reports can also be used for course correction during the campaign to maximize the reach of its intended target.

▪ Improved Reporting Features: By providing placement and genre classifications, comScore can now provide in depth Campaign Essentials and Action Lift analysis down to these levels. This provides information that can be used to highlight the benefits of advertising at these levels. At a campaign level, this provides the next level of reporting that goes beyond the ‘How did we do?’ by providing insights into ‘What can we do better?’ for the next wave.


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