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Ad Networks Tag Parameters

unaffected by loading of the tag. A <img>HTML element is also present for cases where JavaScript cannot be executed. The tag uses the parameters listed below, which are required to ensure appropriate data categorization.

comScore publisher tag parameters

To implement the tag, copy its code into your web page content and provide the appropriate parameter values:

In addition to the mentioned parameters, the following parameters are automatically collected by the JavaScript code of the tag:

Automatically collected parameters

Custom Implementation Without JavaScript

Sometimes the content might not be allowed to contain or execute JavaScript code, as is the case with mobile-optimized WAP content. For this use cases Ad Networks should useonlythe<img>HTML code of the tag and populate the parameters with appropriate values, for example by using server-side logic.

User Consent Tagging

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new European Union (EU) law that has global impact as it introduces new rules for the governance of personal data, such as a requirement to capture User Consent. This document explains the steps to implement collection of User Consent for Audience Research purposes for publishers using comScore web page impression tagging.

For Ad Network tagging implementations — both display and streaming — the Ad Network is expected to provide two extra parameters in the <img>HTML code of the tag. The two parameters are gdprandgdpr_consent, both used according to the Consent Management Platform (CMP) specification. These two parameters will need to be added by publishers/supply side exchanges and propagated all the way through to demand side exchanges and ad servers.


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