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How can I validate my tag is working as intended?

Log into comScore Direct and click on the “Verify URL” button. In the pop-up, enter the URL that you desire to test. The Verify URL process will make a request to the page and verify that the tag is physically present on the page. For those sites that embed the comScore tag within a header or footer file (or similar include file), the Verify URL feature will not detect the presence of the tag. We suggest that you load your web page and verify the request to the comScore JavaScript and tag file using a browser plug-in such as Fiddler or Firebug. The instructions for looking for the appropriate tag calls are as follows:

On initial deployment of the comScore tag, the user's machine will request the comScore beacon.js file. The resulting HTTP call will have the following syntax:

The beacon.js call then provides the required instruction set to the browser to fire the actual tag call. The final tag call will have the following syntax:

and will have a response code of 204 No Content

The required parameters with the final tag call are

  • C1 = 2
  • C2 = your specific seven digit client ID as assigned by comScore
  • C7 = full page URL including query string variables


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