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How is comScore's approach to Unified Digital measurement unique?

comScore believes in a person-centric approach to digital measurement. This means being able to clearly identify the person to who content is being delivered - any form of digital content on any platform. Media Metrix UDM™is a 'best-of-breed' approach that uses tags to measure the levels of usage, while using the panel to measure demographic composition, site engagement (including duration), and to differentiate between users within a household who use the same machine and assign traffic appropriately.

Unlike other solutions that are based on questionable data sources (e.g., individuals inferred from machine-level ISP log data) or provide limited means by which to target audiences, comScore Media Metrix UDM™ is built on the industry's premier consumer panel, and gives planners and publishers a myriad ways to target online the audiences that advertisers want to reach. These myriad ways include demographics, consumer lifestyle, product ownership, purchase intent, online behavior, and matches with a variety of segmentation schemes and third party databases, such as consumer packaged goods (CPG) purchases.

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