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What are the parameters in the comScore Direct website tag?

The parameters included in the comScore Direct website tag provides a way for comScore to appropriately measure and categorize your website traffic. We interpret these parameters as follows: 




C1 - required  Tag Type Pre-populated with a constant value of 2 
C2 - required  comScore Client ID  Pre-populated unique ID for each client assigned by comScore
C4 - optional   Full page URL Manually populated full page URL including query string variables
C5 - optional  Genre of content Alphanumeric value used for client specific custom classification
C6 - optional Package Alphanumeric value for customized aggregation to reflect sections or site centric advertising packages
C15 - optional Client Segment ID Alphanumeric value for Publisher's own segment for the machine content is being served to


To download detailed specifications on the comScore tags by content type:

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