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Tag code and tag ID parameters

Publishers should refrain from implementing the tag inside ad calls and/or iFrames as this may result in the c7 parameter (a variable that is required for correct attribution of traffic) to not populate correctly.

Comscore Asynchronous Tag
An asynchronous tag is a script that uses a "separate thread" to handle part of the processing of the webpage (so it will not hold up the loading of other elements on the page in the event that there is any latency in the tag loading). The asynchronous tag uses this thread to help reduce webpage load time. Websites that use many scripts or rely on rich media content will especially benefit from this new method, but even lightweight sites will see improvements.

  • The asynchronous tag offers the following benefits:
  • Faster tracking code load times for your web pages due to improved browser execution
  • Elimination of tracking errors from dependencies when the JavaScript hasn't fully loaded

Comscore’s Publisher Tag Parameters
These standardized parameters improve classification and reporting. The following variables will be included in the tag call. Bolded variables are required to ensure appropriate data categorization:

In addition to the above parameters, the following parameters are auto-collected by the Comscore tag:

Tag Parameter Example

Example Script

AJAX Based Content
In the case of AJAX based content, clients should not deploy the asynchronous tag described in this document. In the case of most AJAX content, the following steps should be followed:

  1. Consult with your comScore account team to ensure that the AJAX content meets comScore‟s rules for measurement and will be measured on the comScore panel
  2. Implement the synchronous tag. With the synchronous tag, the page will need to simply call a function, COMSCORE.beacon( args ), where the exact parameters are passed to the function. This method is the desired method for AJAX implementations.

Action Script
Use this Action script 2.0/3.0 code if you have content within Flash that needs to tag when it‟s viewed.

Usage summary
Comscore‟s JavaScript is requested, automatically detecting a secure page, and automatically fires the tag based on the declared C parameters that are passed via query string. Note that the <object> & <embed> HTML must set the allowScriptAccess parameter to “always” or “sameDomain” in order for JavaScript to be executed from the Action script.

Mobile Optimized Script
For WAP optimized sites, an explicit tag should be called using an <img> tag. Some server side logic is suggested for populating the appropriate C parameters:
<img src="" />

If the tag needs to be fired from a secure page, the following secure <img> call should be made:
<img src="” />

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