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Collecting User Consent-Android

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new European Union (EU) law that has global impact as it introduces new rules for the governance of personal data, such as a requirement to capture User Consent. This section explains the steps to implement collection of User Consent for Audience Research purposes in tagging with the comScore library.

comScore collects data through the use of name/value pairs, typically called ‘labels’. Data collection is autonomous and controlled by the comScore library, influenced by library API method calls in Android applications.

To collect User Consent for Audience Research purposes a publisher must add label cs_ucfr to the comScore library configuration code statements as a Persistent Label. This will cause the label and its value to be persisted through the application run and included by the comScore library in all collected data transmissions. In this process the publisher should not change any other configuration settings.

The required values for the cs_ucfr user consent label are:

Using the User Consent Label
If the User Consent value is known at the time the comScore library is configured and started, then the cs_ucfr can be populated as a Persistent Label as part of the comScore library configuration. For most publishers the configuration settings of the library will look like this:

Depending on individual publisher data collection needs other configuration settings might be included. Regardless of exactly what configuration settings appear, for the purpose of collecting User Consent the persistentLabels configuration setting needs to be added (or modified) on the PublisherConfiguration. This configuration setting accepts persistent labels as a HashMap of which the key/value pairs represent label name/value pairs.

For example, assuming the user has given consent, the aforementioned configuration code statements would be changed as follows:

To update the User Consent value after the comScore library is started — or to set the value in case it was previously unknown — label cs_ucfr can be populated with the appropriate value as shown below with a subsequent notification of a Hidden Event so comScore can collect the updated User Consent value.

Confirm User Consent is Collected
After changing the implementation as instructed in this section the collected data should contain label cs_ucfr with its assigned value any time the comScore library transmits collected data. The collected data is transmitted as HTTP requests of which the URL query string parameters should contain label cs_ucfr with its assigned value. The HTTP requests can be inspected with an HTTP proxy such as Fiddler or Charles Proxy (more instructions can be found in Test Your Implementation).


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