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How to tag Mobile App


The comScore mobile application code allows you to measure unique users and cold-launch events for your application. The comScore application SDK is now available for the iOS and Android platforms.

Tagging Process

Step 1: Select the “Get Tag” button, from the Manage Apps area of the Mobile Apps tab.

Step 2: Download the platform specific SDK and implementation instruction files.

Step 3: Instrument the comScore measurement code into your App, using your C2 Value and Publisher Secret Code.

Step 4: Publish and distribute. After the first cold start of your App, usage data will become available within 24 hours in the Tag Review report

Tag Review

You can now review reporting for your tagged mobile application(s). The Tag Review report (located in the Reports section of the Manage Mobile Apps area) reports usage data for your tagged mobile applications. This report allows you to segment the data by geography, monthly or custom data ranges, and platform.

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