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Official Comscore Media Metrix Reporting Rules

The following rules apply to all monthly roll-up submissions, and assignments of traffic.

Note: the Dictionary area of comScore Direct is only available to clients subscribed to our syndicated products.

I. Property (P)

  • A Property is the highest level of reporting in the Media Metrix Client Focus Dictionary.
  • Properties represent all those Domains, Full Domains (i.e., Pages (i.e., Applications or Online Services under common ownership or majority ownership for a single legal entity.
  • A Property may also contain any digital media content that is not majority owned, but has been legally signed over for reporting purposes by the majority owner.
  • Any domain that is not claimed as part of a Property will be treated as if it alone represents a Property.

II. Media Title (M), Channel (C), Sub-Channel (S), Group (G) and SubGroup (SG)

  • Every inclusion of content to a syndicated reportable entity at the M, C, S, G and SG level must adhere to the branding rules of the Media Metrix Client Focus Dictionary as described below, and must maintain editorial consistency.
    • This content may represent a domain, a group of domains, online service or application.
  • Branding will be enforced on all roll-ups below the Property level.
    • Branding must be placed on outer frames of the page and not embedded within page content
    • Branding must be applied consistently to all pages in the defined roll-up
    • Acceptable branding can be in the form of a logo, graphic, copyright or text:
      • Copyright is acceptable only if the direct parental name (immediate parent) is specified
      • Text has to be written in font size 8 point or greater with parent name represented
    • Branded naming conventions must possess a direct relationship to the direct parental name in the hierarchy.
  • The comScore Media Metrix dictionary team reserves the right to accept or refuse entities as deemed appropriate to aforementioned branding rules.
  • Traffic being assigned from one entity to another entity at the M, C, or S level must adhere to these rules described here-within.

General Policies and Procedures

Below are the General Policies and Procedures for submitting a roll-up or Traffic Assignment Letter to the Media Metrix Client Focus Dictionary.

All submissions must be sent to comScore Media Metrix by the 1st of the month.

  • Each entity to be included in a Property, Media Title, Channel or Sub-Channel must follow the Reporting Rules described above and must be majority owned by the claiming party. “Majority” is defined as 50.1% or more ownership. Other rules for majority ownership include:
    • The requesting company must be the registrant of all the URLs in its request.
    • Documentation proving that the registrant of the URL is an employee or subsidiary of the company.
  • The majority owner can assign reporting rights to an interested party by providing a written request (TAL – Traffic Assignment Letter) by a legal officer of the majority owning company. There must be a legitimate and reasonable business reason to make such an assignment.
  • Rules for assignment of traffic include:
    • The traffic being assigned must adhere to the comScore Media Metrix Reporting Rules as described above.
    • Situations involving equal ownership (50-50) or where no single entity has majority ownership, owners must mutually agree on the assignment of the reporting rights and communicate such agreement with a written request by a legal officer(s) of the company (ies). Joint venture companies will be considered single legal entities.
    • Traffic assignment letters must be signed by an adult over the age of 18 who is an officer of the company.
    • Assignment agreement letters must be printed on the assigning company’s letterhead.
    • In cases where a company has assigned traffic to more than one other company, comScore Media Metrix will honor the most recently dated.
    • comScore Media Metrix will honor those existing letters of assignment received under the old reporting system that are consistent with Client Focus rules.
    • In cases where a company has incorporated traffic assignment language into its contracts with its clients, the receiving company must provide a copy of the relevant language from that contract along with a copy of the signature page demonstrating the consent of the assigning company.

Note: Use the TAL (Traffic Assignment Letter) request from, available through the Comscore Direct reporting dashboard, to submit a traffic reassignment request.

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