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Traffic Assignment Letter (TALs) Guide

Using the comScore Direct reporting interface you can create a request in three easy steps

Step 1: Fill in the Traffic Assignment Letter form to generate the request

Required fields

  • Your Job Title 
  • Your Company's Legal Name
  • Your Partner's Company's Legal Name 
  • Name, title, phone number, and email address for the contact person at partner's company
  • Your company's status as either majority traffic owner, or as traffic recipient of the URLs for which the traffic is to be reassigned
  • URL(s) for which traffic is to be reassigned 
  • TAL effective date: the desired start date from which the traffic could be reassigned. The actual effective date is dependent on final approval from comScore

Important Note: You should carefully select the correct ownership status. If the wrong status is selected the request is subject to be declined by your partner or by comScore.

Entering URL(s)
There are two ways to enter URLs, manual entry or by uploading an appropriately formatted file. 

  • Manual Entry: URLs can be entered manually by typing each URL (individually) into the "Enter the URL" field. You must select the "Enter" key, from your keyboard, to fully execute the command
  • File Upload: URLs can also be uploaded as a list by using the "Upload File" button. Simply click the button, retrieve the file to be uploaded. 

After you have entered/uploaded the URLs to be reassigned, you can review list from the comScore Direct interface.

Removing URLs from your request 
URLs can be removed prior to submitting a request by selecting the remove feature located adjacent to the URL name. Simply click the "x" button to remove a URL from the list.

Entry Errors
Make sure the spelling and formatting for all URLs entered is correct. 

  • A properly formatted domain in this field is:
  • The prefix of "http://", "https://" or "www" is not needed or valid.

Important note: if the entered/uploaded list contains any misspellings or incorrectly formatted URLs, these URLs will not be loaded. In this case, you will receive an interface message that indicates there was a “Failure to upload URLs”. Follow the directions, check and correct the URLs that were misspelled or formatted incorrectly, and reload the list. Only the new URLs will be added to the Requested URLs list. Items that were previously added (correctly) will not be duplicated

Other buttons on page

  • Next: The "Next" button will take you to the next step in the process. 
  • Cancel: The "Cancel" button clears the form, and takes you back to the Manage Traffic Assignment workplace. 

Step 2: Review request and provide your eSignature

Now its time to review your request; should edits be required you can begin the process by clicking the “Back” button. When you are ready to proceed click the “Accept” button, this action will add your electronic signature to the request. 

Step 3: Send the request to your partner, to obtain their eSignature

Once you click the “Accept” button, signifying that you are ready to submit the request to your partner, you have the option to add a personalized message for the recipient. If you prefer to not add a message, click the “No message” button. Thereafter comScore will send a notification directly to your partner.

What happens next?

Once you and your partner have completed a Traffic Assignment Letter (by submitting an eSignature) the request will be automatically sent to the comScore Dictionary team for further review. 

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