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Metric Definitions

Census Page Views

The Census Page Views metric is the sum of all tag requests seen for a domain or entity. This metric is cumulative and may be queried over any month or custom date range.

Unique Cookies

The Unique Cookies metric is calculated based on an unduplicated count of unique cookie IDs from the comScore cookie.

There are four important things to note about the Unique Cookies metric:

  • An unduplicated Unique Cookie count is available for daily or monthly counts only.
  • Monthly Unique Cookie counts are reported in the interface after the last day of the month.
  • Available for individual countries only (not "All" which corresponds to worldwide)
  • Available for individual entities only (not "Total" which aggregates all entities)


This is important to note as you will see "N/A" in the Unique Cookie metric column if a country and entity are not selected. You will also see "N/A" if a specific month or day is not selected. Multiple months or days will display in the chart, but will not result in a value in the table.

Note: To download daily counts of Census Page Views or Unique Cookies in the Traffic Review Report Dictionary tab, select a custom timeframe, geography and entity.

To download daily or monthly counts Unique Cookies from the Traffic Review Domain tab, select a custom timeframe, geography, entity and choose the "All" platform filter option.

Filtered metrics

Filtered metrics in comScore Direct have non-human traffic removed per the IAB robots and spiders list and any traffic that is suspected to be non-human or machine generated in nature.

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