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Step 4: Review Non-Tagged URL(s)

Non-Tagged URLs are URLs that have been viewed on the comScore panel but are not appearing in tag request data. It is important that you tag or submit a request remove these URLs to help an entity achieve eligibility and therefore become eligible for Unified reporting in Media Metrix.

If there are non-tagged URLs for a domain or entity, a red icon with a link that states "Review" will appear in the Exceptions column of the Manage Websites grid. The "Review" link is specific to the domain or entity listed on the row where the alert appears.

By clicking on the "Review" link (for entity data only), the Review Exceptions workspace will be revealed displaying a list of URLs that should be tagged or removed.

How do you download a list of URLs to review?
Select the URLs that you want to download in the "Plan Tag" column and click the "Download" button.

When should you submit a request to remove a URL(s)?
You should submit a request to remove a non-tagged URL if it cannot be requested by a user and/or does not contain valid content as these are not considered valid page views by comScore methodology. Once a request to remove a URL(s) has been submitted it will be removed from all traffic sources within 5 business days.


Step 5: Monitor Tagging Eligibility

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